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Fashion Smartwatch,Changing watchfaces, Android OS, iPhone & Smartphone Connection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 240X240, 48-hour battery life

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The age of the smartwatch begins now. Undoubtedly, the next battleground market for the two giants in the smartphone industry will be wearable smart devices, the epitome of which is the “Smartwatch”.

VACHEN is approaching this new market from a fresh angle. Rather than making a smart device to which clock functions have been added, Vachen has decided to make a watch to which simple and necessary smart features have been added.

VACHEN is first and foremost a watch. But its basic functions as a traditional watch have been upgraded: VACHEN Smart movement is an advanced step beyond quartz movement.

VACHEN’s strongest point is speed. We have the ability to launch new models faster than any other company. A new model will be released every 45 days.

VACHEN’s vision is a new ecosystem. A new market will open where anyone can design their own fabulous watchface using an authoring tool as well as buy and sell VACHEN Smartwatches. VACHEN Smartwatch will generate a new, independent brand collaboration market that has never existed before.

VACHEN uses Google Android as its heart. Google Android also gave us the gift of openness. Openness with VACHEN Smartwatch also means openness in accessories, watchface designs, cases, bands, brands, apps, platforms, and authoring tools, and the open ecosystem means that a number of people can work together and enjoy the fruits of collaboration.

VACHEN Smart movement, the core of VACHEN Smartwatch, will also be open to everyone. We hope that great watch designers and watch brands will begin to use VACHEN Smart movement for their work.

If it is just smart, not fashionable, leave it behind!


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